Drachenwald Arts Challenge AS 56

The Drachenwald Arts Challenge – Sponsored by the participating Members of the Laurel Circle.

Each participating Laurel has posed a challenge for anyone to take up and complete. From the time of the announcement until October they will make themselves available through email, or monthly open Q&A sessions to help artisans who have taken up their challenge. We make ourselves available to answer questions, guide and encourage you and help you find the sources you need to succeed – please feel free to ask for further meetings and set it up with the Laurel whose challenge you take up. Each challenge is unique, and you may take up one or more as you please.

How to register

To register yourself as a challenger, please send the following information to dw.arts.challenge@gmail.com at any time before October 2021.

  1. SCA Name
  2. Which challenge(s) you intend to take up
  3. Tentative description of what you will make (this may change)

(Please note you may withdraw at any time, for any reason, but do let us know through email)

You will be put in contact with the Laurel whose challenge you have taken up so they may help you along the way.

Final presentations

Each finished challenge will get set up with a page to document them on the finished challenges page, so think about how you want people to experience it and make sure to document it with photos, videos or text as you see fit.

Some challenges are performances or writing and might not be very photogenic, but if you’d care to share your progress in text that would be exciting to see as well.

This is an example of how the page might look: The Blue Breeches

For bonus points (there are no points) document your progress in some way and send it in to dw.arts.challenge@gmail.com at any time for publication so we can promote the challenges on this website and Instagram.

Note: All media and text to document your project sent to the official email address will be taken as consent for publication on this website and/or Instagram. Copyright will be retained by the submitter.

We will set up an online sesson for a final presentation of the projects to coincide with the dates of Drachenwald Kingdom University in November 2021.

Deadline for entering

The deadline for submitting a finished entry will be October 31, 2021.