Projects finished week 40

We have another batch of finished projects now live on the website! A slew of nobles from Insulae Draconis in Drachenwald have turned in several projects, starting with Lady Pernel Chaloner: Indian food pre 1600 The sari – History and ways to wear Pernel’s praise Armiger Henric van den Casteele presents their paper on medieval maker’s marks: The mark of the clothier And Lady Alessandra di Riario submits two documentations in culinary arts: Grandmother’s Pie Recipe Alessandra’s Project Scappi Continue reading Projects finished week 40

Projects finished in week 39

Since the final Q&A we have had three projects finalised and sent in with write-ups and images. They are A windbreak for Holly (Camp textiles) by Lady Pernel of Drachenwald 2 out of 3 bags (Tangling it up) by Lady Alays de Lunel of Drachenwald, and Woven bar-bookmarks (What is that doing there) by Lady Hilkka Susinen of Drachenwald. We hope to see many more projects coming in during this week. Continue reading Projects finished in week 39

September projects turned in

On Tuesday the 28th we have the final Q&A scheduled. We will start this session with short presentations of the projects finished since the last Q&A. This month’s newly finished challenges are: Tapestry Spike by Angeline of the Groves 15th Century Frame Purse by Juniper von Kayserslutren In praise of Master Yannick of Normandy by Alessandra di Riario In addition we have had notices of another few finished projects: A boast, a song, a puppy shelter and research on an Indian persona. Find all the finished projects here on the site: Continue reading September projects turned in

Progress Update – Scappi

Alessandra di Riario of Drachenwald sends in an update on her Scappi challenge: I have  chosen for my recipe Scappis fruit filled bread  from Book V of his complete works.  Here below I present my suggested methodology before completing the dish, which has a preparation time for an ingredient I have chosen to use of 10 plus days. Redaction  Scappi’s recipe uses sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves  added to red wine and dried fruit cooked in it until soft. These ingredients are added to dough made from flour eggs, rosewater, butter and salt. Looking at dough types in period, I intend … Continue reading Progress Update – Scappi

Final Q&A on Sept 28

Time has gone quickly, and many projects have been started. On September 28 at 7pm Central European time we will host the final Q&A session for the Drachenwald Arts Challenge! We will start the online meeting with presentations of the finished projects that have been submitted since last month. Then the floor is open for questions and answers, and socialising. This will be the last Q&A session, as the challenge is set to finish at the end of October – so all challengers will have one more month to work on their projects before a final round-up of all the … Continue reading Final Q&A on Sept 28

Half-time update

So now the challenge has been running for two months, and there’s another two months to go. A lot of our challengers are well on their way according to the latest check in. Most have started with collecting information and materials, and planning. Any project is well served by proper planning, so that should mean our 87 active challenges are perfectly on schedule to produce beauty or knowledge to enhance our experience in the SCA. Best of luck with the second half of the challenge to everyone participating! Continue reading Half-time update

Third Q&A today at 19 CEST

Today is the third Q&A, and a chance to catch up on where everyone is with their projects. If you are curious and want to join any challenge, this can be your opportunity to ask questions or get clarifications. For those already joined up we’ll create breakout rooms to chat in smaller groups as needed. The link has been sent out to all active participants, and is available on the Q&A page here today. Continue reading Third Q&A today at 19 CEST

Third Q&A scheduled

The third Q&A is now scheduled for Tuesday August 31, 2021 at 19:00 (7pm) CEST, that’s 20:00 (8pm) in Helsinki, 18:00 (6pm) in London and 13:00 (1pm) in New York. If you are a challenger who has finished your project, please send in some details for the webpage, and we’ll give you the opportunity to present it first at this month’s Q&A. If you are curious about any of the challenges, or wish to talk face-to-face to any of the laurels, the Q&A is the opportunity to do so, as well as chat with other challengers. Break-out rooms will be … Continue reading Third Q&A scheduled