Progress Update – Scappi

Alessandra di Riario of Drachenwald sends in an update on her Scappi challenge: I have  chosen for my recipe Scappis fruit filled bread  from Book V of his complete works.  Here below I present my suggested methodology before completing the dish, which has a preparation time for an ingredient I have chosen to use of 10 plus days. Redaction  Scappi’s recipe uses sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves  added to red wine and dried fruit cooked in it until soft. These ingredients are added to dough made from flour eggs, rosewater, butter and salt. Looking at dough types in period, I intend … Continue reading Progress Update – Scappi

Progress update – Cennini and whites of egg

Another heraldic project has started in earnest, Marcella di Cavallino intends to make a banner inspired by an extant example in the Metropolitan Museum of Art and has written and blog update about it on An everyday Italian Go check it out! Continue reading Progress update – Cennini and whites of egg

Progress update – A tapestry Spike

We have an update from one of the challengers! The tapestry part of Spike is done. Spike piece is a total of 7 inches wide and 16 inches tall. The 8/4 cotton rug warp warp ends are .25 inches apart. The wool yarn I am using is bulky weight. However, I turned the frame over and looked at the warp threads. Not wanting to waste them, I’ve started a pillow for the back of my camp chair. The future pillow top on the other side will be approx 11.5 inches x 16 inches. Materials are the same and I added … Continue reading Progress update – A tapestry Spike

Progress update – fabric options

We have an update from one of the challengers: I’m doing the challenge on making heraldic textiles for the camp! I’m planning on making a banner in wool, and with purple bells and black ermine on a white background, these fabrics will come in handy! Next step is to make decisions about the model itself and the size. /Gele Pechplumin Continue reading Progress update – fabric options