Participating Laurels

Anna Laresdotter

Anna’s skills are knitting and sewing, especially 16th c. clothing. She lives in the Shire of Holmrike, the Principality of Nordmark and Anna will be happy to chat with any challengers via e-mail, zoom or FB messenger.

Anna’s challenges

  • Textile: Knitting in the round

Arianhwy Wen

Elevated for scribal arts; poetry, prose, and drama (as scholar and author); languages; heraldry, particularly voice heraldry; anything to do with words; acting and performance. Also enjoys archery, gaming and brewing.

Arianhwy’s challenges

  • Poetry: All the forms
  • Poetry: Write a sonnet crown
  • Writing/Performance: Three rounds of boasting

Ellisa von Berenklau

Ellisa joined the sca during her university years because she loved to party while being dressed up like a princess. She stayed with it because she found the medieval Art’s and Science and the wonderful medieval community that resulted in lifelong friendships.

Ellisa got elevated for scribing and illuminating the scrolls our society hands out together with awards to celebrate a persons achievements. At the moment she enjoys being in the company of her local sca family and her two apprentices Swanhilde and Katherina. More often then not she is tablet weaving, sewing or even block printing. When her Barony or Kingdom call for it she returns happily to scribing and illuminating scrolls.

She is best contacted using facebook messenger (Angela Nelk) or e-mail and happily chats with people using zoom or skype.

Ellisa’s Challenges

  • Research: Who’s that from?
  • Research/Scribal: Puzzling letters!

Ellisif Gydasdottir

Ellisif’s long running love is tablet/card weaving, but she is fond of many diverse rabbit holes and research.  She celebrates in the process of discovery and the failures along the way, so her challenges are about exploring new areas.  She is easily reached via Facebook, Discord, Zoom or email, and happy to chat at any time.

Ellisif’s challenges

  • Research: To travel the world
  • Textile: What is That doing There?

Kareina Talventytär

Kareina joined the SCA as a high school student, back in A.S. 17 because many of her classmates did, but she stayed for the bardic arts, dancing, and crafts, and all the wonderful people one meets through this fun hobby.

She got her leaves for “fidgeting” (or, as some people call it, hand-sewing and embroidery). These days she is just as likely to work on a nålbindning project when sitting in a bardic circle sharing songs and stories with friends, and she thinks the best part about summer is where her yard feeds her everything from berries and flowers to nettles and spruce tips.

Kareina is happy to talk with people over zoom, slack, discord, or FB chat as well as email.

Kareina’s challenges

  • Culinary: Where did you find that?
  • Writing/Performing: Singing their praises
  • Textile: Tangling it up: using knots to solve a problem

Lia de Thornegge

Lia’s areas of interest are sewing, tailoring, embroidery, textile arts in general, weaving and research. Lives in the Shire of Aros, Principality of Nordmark. You might find her and other stitchers at the semi-weekly Aros Sewing Circles on zoom. Will be happy to chat with any challengers at almost any time via email, fb messenger or zoom.

Lia’s challenges

  • Research: Document one thing
  • Textile: Produce camp textiles incorporating your heraldry

Lyonet de Covenham

Lyonet de Covenham is a fencer, herald and artisan who lives in a small village in the Isles. She joined the Society in the Western Marches of the East Kingdom, and lived in the Middle Kingdom before settling in Drachenwald 13 years ago. She is very interested in the ways people did things in the Middle Ages.

Lyonet’s challenges

  • Material culture/Optional: Put your things away properly
  • Research/Scribal: Write home to mother
  • Research/Scribal: The sad occasion
  • Writing: The true history

Magdelena Grace Vane

Maggie (Magdelena Grace Vane patent pending) was given a writ in AS 55 to contemplate joining the order of the laurel. Maggie is fascinated by all things food, medieval and modern. She can be found most often in the kitchen and reached through email, social media (FB) and discord

Magdelena’s challenges

  • Culinary: Cook like the first celebrity chef
  • Culinary: Great great great great … (keep going) … grandma’s recipe for?

Oriane d’Avallon

Oriane’s lifelong love is calligraphy & illumination, and gilding, so the challenges are about “Bling, bling, glorious bling!“ Will be happy to chat with anyone who takes her challenges over email, fb or other agreed upon means.

Oriane’s challenges

  • Scribal: Gesso – the Real Thing ™
  • Scribal: There is no such thing as too much gold!

Victoria Piera Rosselli

Victoria joined the SCA in the Barony of the Stargate (Houston, TX, USA) and now lives in the Shire of Polderslot (modernly The Netherlands).  She was elevated for 16th c tailoring and hatmaking, loves pattern drafting, and is slooooowly learning embroidery.  She’s happy to chat with participants over email, FB Messenger, or Zoom/Skype.   

Victoria’s challenges

  • Textile/Headwear: Capping it all off