Third Q&A scheduled

The third Q&A is now scheduled for Tuesday August 31, 2021 at 19:00 (7pm) CEST, that’s 20:00 (8pm) in Helsinki, 18:00 (6pm) in London and 13:00 (1pm) in New York. If you are a challenger who has finished your project, please send in some details for the webpage, and we’ll give you the opportunity to present it first at this month’s Q&A. If you are curious about any of the challenges, or wish to talk face-to-face to any of the laurels, the Q&A is the opportunity to do so, as well as chat with other challengers. Break-out rooms will be … Continue reading Third Q&A scheduled

Second Q&A Scheduled

We’ve managed to settle on a time for the second Q&A and it will be on Thursday August 5 at 19:00 CEST. That’s 7 pm in Stockholm, 6 pm in London, 8 pm in Helsinki and 1 pm in New York. Each registered challenger will receive a direct link closer to the date, and on the same day the link will be available here on the website. We have had two challenges finish already, and there will be a short presentation of those projects to start the Q&A, then there will be time to discuss and ask questions from who … Continue reading Second Q&A Scheduled

Fantastic turn-out for the Q&A today

Our thanks to everyone who came to the first Q&A session. We all got to hear what you were wanting to make, and some questionmarks got straightened out. We also had a whole pile of people not yet registered show up and ask some questions and we got three official entries during the meeting, so that counts as a success! Now we’re really up and running, if you have signed up you should have gotten contacted by the person who set your challenge(s) – feel free to work out between you how you want to work together to achieve the … Continue reading Fantastic turn-out for the Q&A today